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Pivotal experience at K-State inspires alumnus to create scholarship

By Marisa Larson

Many people have a significant event or time in their life that changes the course of their life forever. For Brian Ruder, Portland, Oregon, that turning point occurred at Kansas State University.

Ruder was a member of the first class of graduate students receiving a master’s in mathematics at K-State. After graduation, Ruder had an interesting and successful career as a teacher, consultant, business manager, and even spent time working at the CIA and as a Santa for Macy’s department store.

“K-State was the first university to offer me an assistantship and the opportunity to get an advanced degree,” Ruder said. “It gave me the confidence that allowed me to go out and teach and then move into a career in management. For me, it was a key point in my life that provided a foundation where I felt like, all of a sudden, I had a chance to be successful in life.”

Ruder has established the Ruder Family Mathematics Scholarship to be awarded to graduate students in the Department of Mathematics in the College of Arts & Sciences.

“This gift is really more for me to say ‘thank you’ and to pay it forward,” Ruder said. “I hope it will help somebody have a chance like I did. That would be great.”

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