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A win-win for retired K-State alumni and future K-State students

By Marisa Larson

K-State alumni Ray and Carolyn Waller, Wichita, Kan., have found a way to benefit future K-State students while helping themselves through retirement. The Wallers have used a charitable gift annuity to set up a future scholarship for undergraduates or graduate students in statistics. Through a charitable gift annuity, the KSU Foundation gets a donation to benefit K-State, and the Wallers get an income tax deduction and a guaranteed lifetime income stream.

The Wallers arrived at K-State in 1961. Ray had been awarded an assistantship in the statistics department as part of his master’s degree, which he completed in 1963. Carolyn completed her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, also in 1963. After receiving his doctorate in mathematical statistics from Johns Hopkins University in 1967, Ray, along with Carolyn, returned to Manhattan where Ray taught statistics at K-State for seven years.

The Wallers left Manhattan and spent much of their adult lives living outside of Kansas. However, K-State has always held a special place in their hearts. “We feel that education has afforded us career opportunities that we would not have otherwise received,” Ray said. “It is our hope that by continuing their education, students can consider new career options and realize their full potential in the career they choose.”

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