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Giving to the Division of Student Life

The following opportunities for philanthropic investment will help create and sustain success in the Division of Student Life: 

Funds that benefit Student Life

K-State Parents and Family Association C29305

In addition to providing membership programs and services, the PFA supports specific student-centered initiatives. Your gift to the PFA will support programs at K-State that enhance student life in all aspects: academic, social, and professional development.

Housing and Dining (Social/Educational) Fund C27535

This fund provides support for Housing and Dining expenditures.

K-State Union Excellence Fund C29415

This fund supports and enhances all areas of the Kansas State University Student Union.

Student Access Center C22460

This funds is to be used for basic needs such as office supplies, subscriptions, student and staff retreats, and awards.

Recreational Services C36500

This fund provides financial assistance to Recreational Services at K-State.

Career and Employment Services C19400

This fund enhances the operations of Career and Employment Services at K-State.

Developing Scholars Program C22450

This fund provides awards, books, food, and travel for undergraduate students in the Developing Scholars program.

Gay and Lesbian Fund for K-State C25960

The purpose of this fund is to support LGBTQ initiatives at K-State.

Counseling Services Development Fund C22050

This fund supports Counseling Services in purchasing incidental materials for agency meetings and workshops, funding outreach activities for students and special projects or programs needing development when other funds are not available.

Center for Child Development C19430

This fund provides financial assistance for staff appreciation and development, special classroom projects and employee uniforms.

Pilots Program Excellence Fund C34110

This fund meets the greatest needs of the program, including events and student support.

Welcome Center Sustaining Facility Fund C93456

This fund helps provide enhancements and upgrades to the Berney Family Welcome Center as needed.

Reasons to give

Find out more about why the College of Veterinary Medicine needs your support and what funding areas are a priority now:

Scholarships and programs

We hold our K-State reputation in high regard, working very hard to ensure that all students have an opportunity to develop their niche and reach their full potential. Student Life is an important vehicle for K-State to keep our promise of putting students first.

Scholarships for all deserving students will help offset the increasing costs of tuition, housing and books. It is important that K-State be competitive in affordability for each and every student, and private funding for scholarships is critical to that goal.

Effective programming for students and families offer resources that help enhance the lifestyle of K-State students. Private support ensures these programs will continue to offer valuable education and resources for our K-State family. 

Berney Family Welcome Center

The Berney Family Welcome Center serves the entire K-State family as the front door to new opportunities. This unique facility is one of the first in the country to provide a central location for students and families to connect with New Student Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing and Dining Services, and Career and Employment Services. You can give online to preserve and enhance this renovated space on the east side of the historic Memorial Stadium.


You can learn more by exploring the Division of Student Life's website.

Give to K-State

You can help!

You can become part of our exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Pat Bosco
Pat Bosco, Ph.D.
Vice President for
Student Life and
Dean of Students