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Legacy of Excellence Society

The Legacy of Excellence Honorary Society was established in 2001 to recognize donors who contribute $100 or more annually to the College of Human Ecology. Donors renew their memberships each year by making an investment at one of five levels: Directors ($2,500+), Leaders ($1,000 to $2,499), Partners ($500 to $999), Colleagues ($250 to $499) and Associates ($100 to $249).

This list includes gifts of $100 or more for the 2014 fiscal year: July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014. All private gifts to the K-State College of Human Ecology ensure that our legacy of outstanding accomplishment and leadership will continue.


Directors $2,500+

Leaders $1,000 - $2,499

Partners $500 - $999

Colleagues $250 - $499

Associates $100 - $249


Directors $2,500+
Carolyn Balkwell
Mary Ruth Bedford
Vera Button
Kris and Frank Cappo
Kim Chandler and Julio Silva
Lois Chandler
Ann Currie
Polly and John Curtis
Ellen and Wayne Evans
Beth Fryer
Viola Gamble*
Jane and Robert Garcia
Barbara Hageman
Karen Halderson
Janice Hamilton
Gary and Carol Henderson
Angie Herbers and Andrew Zink
Nancy and Ron Honig
B D and Michelle Horton
Dennis Hulsing
Jill Hulsing
Joyce Jenkins
Betty and George Kandt
Carol Kellett
Beverley Kroll
Linda Lee and Craig Woodbury
Mildred and John Lindholm
Douglas and Janet McIntosh
Laurel and Don McKahan
Jon and Brenda McManis
Molly and Earl McVicker
Betty Miner
Virginia and Tom Moxley
Kathleen Newell
Sharon and Sam Nickols
Pat Pesci and Betsy Barrett
Barbara Poresky
Shirley and Galen Postier
Pat Raskob and Tom Paulus
Jim and Marsha Reed
Dick Rees
Michael and Deborah Rempe
Barry and Marcia Robinson
Nancy and Lawrence Scally
Barbara and Howard Stowe
Mary and Ross Stryker
Janice and Hal Taylor
Janice and William Winchell
Leaders $1,000 - $2,499
Barbara Anderson
Mary Anderson
Patricia Angell Leive
Andrea and Patrick Bannon
Denise and Russ Bishop
Wilma Boggs
Kent and Pattie Bradley
John and Amalia Buckwalter
Chris Chalender
Georgia Chandler
Ann Coulson
Marla and Dwight Day
Steven and Barbara Dietz
Jared and Rebecca Dobbins
Kelsie and Derrick Doty
Dottie Durband
Jean and Charles Eby
Jacki Eligan
Janet and Norman Elliott
Jane and Gilbert Ferguson
Jean and Jon Fleming
Cathy and Barry Flinchbaugh
Wilma George
Sue Greig
Jo Heinz and Andre Staffelbach
Carol Ann Holcomb
Roy and Bonnie Hull
Carolyn Jackson
Vickie and John James
Jeanette Johnson
Pat and Rita Keating
Cathy and Steve Lacy
Jean and Ronald Lee
Roger Mall
Kelly and Jeff Martin
Sherry and Michael Maxwell
Bill Meredith
Greg Miller
Phyllis and Robert Miller
Emory Morris
Elizabeth and Robert Naibert
William and Barbara Newkirk
Nancy and Jack O'Conner
Francis Peniston
Jacqueline and Marvin Raile
Jessica Raile
Dan and Kathy Richardson
Carolyn Roby
Teresa Rupp
Nancy and Mike Shields
Shirley Sikes
Mary and Al Stecklein
Barbara and Steve Stockton
Bill Stolzer
Kenneth Taylor
Nancy Thomas
Betty and Bob Tointon
Olive Ubel
Sue and Dick Wilson
Partners $500 - $999
Gaylene and Joel Alderson
Jean and Tom Apel
Gabriel and Sarah Asebedo
Marjorie and Alfred Aufdemberge
Paula Bahr
Janice Bailey
Alberta and Jack Bailie
Nancy Berkley
LaVon Blaesi
Ada and Richard Blankenship
Nancy Bolsen and Mary Kay Siefers
Kaprelle Bradley
Carolyn Brass
Michael and Angela Bruce
Margaret Burk
Kathy and Jack* Burke
Helen Burtis and Michael Collis
Alta Bush
Jennifer and Randy Carns
Jean and Dick Coupe
Carolee Davis Elliott and Stephen   Elliott
Mary Dee Dickerson
Jami Dunbar
Lindsay and Christopher Edmondson
Signe and Don Ferguson
Judy and Stephen Francis
Patricia and David Franz
Julie and Kevin Grady
Laura and Steven Hansen
Bryan Hinnen
Jean and Larry Hixson
Arliss Honstead
Jerri and Clyde Hood
Kay and Rodney Horn
Vera and Don Hunziker
Mary and Jim Jensen
Ann and Steve Johnson
Stacey and Jarrod Jones
LaDonna and Gary Junghans
Aaryn and Brad Kaufmann
Pat and Larry Kendall
Beverly Kloehn
Sarah and Shane Lanning
Georgine Larsen
Scott and Laura Lauridsen
Jeffrey and Kelly Layman
Petros Levis and Ann McCalley
Bob and Teryl Limbocker
Brian and Erika Lindshield
April Mason and Frank Heiliger
Varena Mechsner
Chiquita Miller
Bette Morris
Kenneth Mosely
Deanna and Chuck Munson
Beverly and Rod Nash
Mary Frances Nettles
Kay and Ralph Obendorf
Penny and Don Oliver
Vickie Patchin
Charlene and Dan Patton
Carolyn and Tom Perrier
Jody and Marc Ramsdale
Angelique and Patrick Reilly
Sherry and Roger Riggert
Helen and Leo Rogers
Mil and Jim Sanderson
Susan and Larry Seitz
Roger and Rita Shenkel
Stephen Shields
Chris Spooner
Francine Stuckey and Hal Greig
David Thompson and Joyce Baptist
Jimmie and Barbara Thompson
Jack and Stacey Thurman
Steven and Sherry Toomey
Weiqun Wang and Qianqian Su
Robin and Jerry Westhoff
Richard Wiltgen
Sheryl and Robert Wiruth
Marilyn and Vernon Zeigner
Lori and Robert Zienkewicz
Colleagues $250 - $499
Robert and Karla Albracht
Mary Lou Anderson
Vicki and Dick Anderson
Mary Dean Apel
Lois and Ronald Arioli
May and Larry Ball
Lindsay Ball-Lewis and Chris Lewis
Aldean Banker
Cindy and John Barry
Janice and Daryl Bassett
Yvonne and Mark Beer
Mary Jo and Melvin Bibbs
Amelia Brown
Klaire and William Brumbaugh
Nancy and Roland Bryars
Janet and Casey Cantin
Amy and Brian Casselberry
Katherine and Doug Claassen
Kerri Cole
Jerie Colletti-Wetzel and Scott Wetzel
Janis and Steven Cox
Jas and Gail Dale
Debbi and Bill Darrow
David and Vicki Dieckman
Susan Dittmer
Janelle Dobbins
Terri and Alan Doty
Kevin and Pat Ellis
Kate Evans
Martha Ewing
Barbara and Roy French
Denise and Steven Gaffney
Stephanie and Heath Gfeller
Kandy and Thomas Gibson
Marsha Goetting
Kristin Goodman
Marvin and Rebecca Gould
Cara Graham
Dana and Bryce Granberg
Pam and Vance Green
Sands and Charles Gresham
Lori and Monte Hall
Esther and DeLynn Hay
Barbara Hesse
Mary and Charles Hitchcock
Pam Hoadley and Bill Deeds
Shirley and Brice Hobrock
Virginia and John Hockett
Carole and Jeff Hoffman
Julie Hotchkiss
Sharon and Tom Huecker
Deanna Hughes
Andrea Hutchins
Mary and Carl Ice
Joan and Charles Johnson
Mary Ann and Larry Johnson
Claudia and Steve Jones
Scott and Cheri Jones
Alan and Joan Jones
Arvilla and Emil Jungman
Patricia and Edward Kane
Migette and Steven Kaup
JoAnn Kimbell
Camille Lafleur
Erin Landon
Marilyn and James Laricks
Nathan and Shanna Legleiter
Seth and Katie Lloyd
Dixie and Steve Long
Katrina Marshall
Ann and John Martin
Lisa Martin
Loretta and Joel Mayfield
Deb and Timothy McCune
Richard and Tracy McLaughlin
Carol and David Meyer
Susan and Edward Morris
Esther Myers
Jeanette and Laverne Myers
Kevin and Cheryl Myers
Suzanne Nix
Rhonda Orndorff
Irene Parsons
Liz and Bart Peintner
Marcia and Ed Pfeiffer
Warren and Nancy Prawl
Frank and Marjorie Pritz
Carole and Neil Purdum
Betty Rassette
Pamela and David Reisig
Vera and Robert Riley
Roberta Riportella
Kevin and Camilla Roberts
Candyce Russell
Ron and Betsy Sages
Tammy Savaiano
Brenda and Galen Schawe
Trent and Mollie Schell
Amy Schlotthauer and Brian Harms
Bill and Trisha Sexton
Brenda and Michael Sharpe
Rhonda and Brian Simonis
Alan and Joan Smith
Kathy Smith
Orin and Francine Soli
Ruth and David Stemler
Sandi and Gary Stith
Nancy Sullivan
Janet and Sam Sweeney
Katie Sweetin
Dolores and Gary Swenson
Julie Taylor
Bernita and Bob Thorn
Judy and David Tillemans
Marian and Jeffrey Towle
Nancy and Richard Tredway
Judith Turcotte
Linda Wallingford
Kate Ward
Tresa Weaver and Kurt Waldhauer
Kristin and Gregory Wedner
Betty and John Weese
Barbara Weigand
Todd Wells
Brad and Gina Windholz
Associates $100 - $249
Aaron and Christina Aaker
Cindy and Mike Adams
Mary and Gary Adams
Ruby Adams
David and Teri Albracht
Amy and Klay Allen
Betty Allen
Kendra and Jeffrey Allen
Jared and Stacy Anderson
Phillip and Dawn Anderson
Reeva Anderson
Cassie and Scott* Anderson
Rusty and Jenne Andrews
Gordon and Mary Anne Andrews
Judy and Elden Arbeiter
Jan and David Arnold
Judith and Earl Arnold
Marlys and Stan Arnold
Ashley and Tim Askew
Amelia and John Asperin
Beth Atkins
Sally and Paul Attwater
Michael Axline
Barbara Bain
Sharon Bairow-Riffey and Don Riffey
Marjorie and Marc Baker
Mary Louise and Ben Barber
Carolyn and John Barnes
Phyllis Bartel
Tammy and Jeral Bartel
Rosetta and Robert Bartels
Lisa and Kyle Bauer
Anna Baughan
Lynette and Jay Beam
Pam Becker
Nancy and Fred Behr
Kyle and Catherine Bell
Roxanne and Tom Bell
Sandy Bell
Linda and Neal Bellanti
Kathryn and Ron Benson
Elaine and Dick Bertrand
Jillian Beyer
Judy and Kent Bible
Charlene and Robert Bierly
Floy and Jerry Blair
Shelly and Tim Blake
Elizabeth and Roderick Blocksome
Karen Blomquist
Kathy and Fred Bloom
Mary and Robert Bonnewell
Lee Borck and Jackie Hartman Borck
Jane Bowers
Gloria and Maurice Bowersox
Cassandra and Jefferson Boyd
Merilu and Garland Boyd
Cheri and Brian Boyer
Linda Boyle
Carole and Bob Bozworth
Ginny Braden
Bev Bradley
Matthew and Meili Brady
Charlene and Charles Branch
Pamela and David Branham
Karen Breshears
Sylvia and Bill Brethour
Ruth Brettle
Melissa and Darcy Brillhart
Sonya and Josh Britt
Carolyn and William Brock
Janet and Harley Broers
Dana and Jack Brown
Dixie Brown
Leah and Dennis Brown
Valerie and Scott Brown
Chelsey Bruce
Susan and Brad Brunkow
Tammy and Kevin Bruns
Michelle and Damian Buessing
Sarah Bullard
Patricia and Alan Bullock
Rosalie Burns
Connie and Gary Burton
Sarah and Jason Butell
Christeene and Lyle Butler
Connie and Mike Butler
Paula and Alec Caldwell
Dian and Callison Callison
Collin Campion
James and Mari Campise
JoEllen and Conrado Campos
Deborah Canter
Shelley Carley
Kathy and Tom Carlin
Margaret Carlson Citron and Paul Citron
Sara and Quentin Carnahan
Jean and James Carson
Janet and David Cassing
William and Ruth Cathcart-Rake
Rob Chalender
Edgar and Delores Chambers
Sara and Craig Chappell
Panat Cherdchu
Cindy Cherry
Anna Chilcott Zimmerman and Ray   Zimmerman
Susan and Barry Childs
Jon and Lori Christensen
Katie Christensen
Barbara and Norman Clark
Janet and Rick Clark
Jim and Karen Clowers
Dorothy and Jim Congrove
Dawn and John Conley
Gladys Cook
Melinda and Thomas Cook
Anita Cordill
Bonnie and Jerry Cordill
Barbara Craft
Mary Craig
Sally Craig
Patricia and David Crews
Caryl Crossfield
Sandi and Raegan Crow
Becca Dale
Matthew David
Angela and Laurel Davis
Patricia Davis*
Susan and John Davisson
Timothy Dayton and Angela Hubler
Larry Deal
Eugene and Jean DeDonder
Suzanne Dell-St Clair and Charles St Clair
Mary DeLuccie and Rick Scheidt
Dana and Anthony DeMarco
Beverly and Jeffrey Demerath
Kay and Darrell Denton
Janice and John Devaney
Sharon and Bob DeVault
Lois and Charles Deyoe
Linda and Pat Dickman
Brena Diel
Katrina and Brent Dinkel
Randy and Kate Dirks
Suzy and Edward Dissinger
Hieu Doan
Judy and James Dobkins
Marilyn Dobratz
Rick and Gayle Doll
Barbara Donelson
Nicole Douglas
Rebecca Drach
Kristen and Dave Dreiling
Kyra and Dustin Dreiling
Bev and Jim Dunning
Leigh and Steve Eck
Mark and Pat Edwards
Douglas and Joyce Elcock
Karen Elliott
Linda and Brian Ellsworth
Janice and Michael Elmore
Kari Engels
Carolyn and Blaine Englund
Lori and J Erskin
Joni and Charles Etherington
Jill and Michael Ewing
Mary and Robert Ewing
Dorothy and Karl Faidley
Marilyn and Leighton Fairbairn
Frances Falen
Hidi and Terry Fankhauser
Gary and Bronwyn Fees
Elizabeth and William Feldman
Joyce and William Fellers
Jamie Feuerborn
Marsha and David Finley
Leonard and Janet Finney
Stacy and Gary Fischer
Sally Fish
Kimberly and Erick Fletcher
Susan and Raymond Flickner
Carol and Phillip Flock
Carol and Glenn Fogo
Sandra and Don Ford
Marilyn and Larry Fox
Janice and Bruce Frahm
Cheryl and Leon France
Marieta and William Francis
Pat and Darwin Francis
Carol and Jerry Frees
Joyce Frenette
Alice Frey
Linda and Jack Frick
Paula Fried and Brad Stuewe
Deanna Friedman
Paula and Robin Friedrichs
Helen Frisbie
Jim and Diana Frownfelter
Crystal Funke
Nancy Galloway
Lynn and Rick Gambrell
Lawrence and Marilyn Ganong
Ellen Garden
Clede Garinger
Bari Garst
Marilyn Geiger and Lowell McDaniel
Kathy and Roy Gelnar
Ray Gentile
Julie and Keith Geyer
Linda and Mike Gibson
Sara and Don Gilliland
Carol Gilmore
Marion and David Gladhart
Marlene Glasscock
Marilyn and Kenneth Glenn
Kim and Jim Glover
Amanda and Alex Gnadt
Margaret and Larry Goering
Briana and Craig Goff
Jerad Gooch
Rhonda and Scott Gordon
Sondra Gordon
Casey and Dusty Gormley
Dolores and Ken Gowdy
Lucinda and Harold Goya
Paige Green
Pam and Bill Greiner
Sandra and Barry Greis
Evan and Andrea Grier
Martha and James Groebe
Penny and Doug Grossenbacher
Louise and Morris Grotheer
Orlen and Kathy Grunewald
Kathleen and George Gutowski
Margaret Guy
Lee and Sherry Haar
Nancy and Eugene Hagman
Jean Haines Kling
Dick and Sandra Haines
Ron and Brenda Haky
Corlie and Chet Halbleib
Brigid Hall
Mary Hall
Terri and James Hall
Rita and Harlan Hamman
Mary Jo and Chuck Hamon
Jennifer and Lee Handke
Peggy and Gregory Hands
Nancy Hansen King and Donald King
Laura and Paul Hansen
Bonnie and Curt Hanson
Marilyn and Harry Harnish
Rush and Erica Harvey
Robin and John Harwell
Mark and Michelle Haub
Angeline Hauck
Rudy Haun
Marlene and William Hayes
Susanne and Bob Haymaker
Christopher Haynes
Jeanette and Lewis Headrick
Janelle and Michael Heaney
Melissa and Roger Heflin
Terry and Ann Heller
Helen and Donald Hellwig
Laura and Bret Henderson
Tracy Henry
Joan and Vern Herbel
Julie and Joe Herrmann
Marilynn and James Hersh
Millie and Robert Hertel
Patricia and Charles Hett
Alison and David Hettenbach
Kelly and Michael Hiatt
Leticia and Cody Hickman
Carol and Jim Hicks
Mary Hiebert
Debby Hiett
Mary Higgins
Gayle and Don Highley
Suzanne and Don Hildebrand
Julia Hiles
Cynthia and David Hill
Megan and Andrew Hill
Kim Hiller and Jeff Connell
Kristin and Lincoln Hillyer
Bobbie and Mark Hinds
Audra and Kane Hittle
Kathy and Steven Hixon
Sue and Cliff Hobson
Cathy Hoffman
Toni and Dan Hogan
Joyce Holmes
Peggy and Alan Honey
Pairin Hongsoongnern
Keith and Pat Hooper
Martha Houston
Melissa and Michael Howard
Robert and Lydia Huber
Elaine and Alan Hudson
Carole and Ken Huggins
Karla and L R Hughes
Gail and Terry Humfeld
Karen and Steve Hummel
Sara and Donald Hutchison
Katherine and Alan Hynek
Ann and Curtis Ideker
Adelia and Paul Inman
Marlene Irvine and Jerry Shivley
Mary Lou and Jim Jacobs
Kimberly and Dane Jacobson
Roberta Jakowatz
Justin and Mary Janssen
Cathie and Jim Jantz
Cheryl and Kirk Johnson
Janet and Doug Johnson
Jeane and Bruce Johnson
Lois Johnson
Sharon and Stephen Jones
Cheryl and Jim Jordan
Marilyn and Frank Jordan
Shawna Jordan
Lynda Joyce
Angele and John Judd
Kevin Kahle
Katie Kaliff
Min-Hwan and Yu-Fan Kao
Mark Kaufman
Kitty and Bob Keazer
Dorothy and Harold Kellerman
Betsy and Stephen Kelly
Linda and Walton Kernohan
Hyung Kim
Jooyoun Kim
Ginger Kjolhede
Sally and Kelly Klausmeyer
Andrew and Jennifer Kleiber
Kaitlyn Klipowicz
Julie and Steve Knigge
Nancy and Ted Knopp
Megan Knorr
Dale and Jacquelyn Knox
Sharron and Phillip Knox
Ann and Bernard Koch
Carolyn and Lyle Koch
Siim and Kadri Koppel
Judy and Richard Korte
Joy and Ivan Kozar
Pat Krause
Pamela and Louis Kreiser
Jacob Kuebler
Kay and Darel Kyle
Vance and Jessica Lahey
Teresa and Joe Lang
Malinda Lash and Mike Brozek
Shawna and Craig Lashley
Clifford and Monica Latham
Sue and Glenn Laubhan
Diana and John Lauer
Betty Lavery
Sharon Layman and Rod Hannahs
Nick and Erin Leckey
Jeremy and Emily Lehning
Margaret and Cliff Leighton
Jon and Lila Levin
Kylia Lewis
Mary Helen Lewis
Shelly and Chad Lien
Kelly and Steven Linder
Lindy and Jack Lindquist
Marian and Steve Lindshield
Linda Linin
Jamie and Dennis LoCastro
Michelle Lock-Gooch and Philip Gooch
Rachel and Bob Loersch
Patrice and Steven Lofquist
Connie and Michael Lollar
Ruth London
Angie and Bryan Long
Ann Look
Robin and Keith Love
Patricia and Stuart Ludlow
Wilma Ludwig
Mary Kate and Jeff Luty
Carol Maas
Beverly and Harry Machin
Denise and Martin Maddox
Marge Malkames
Lorraine Malone and Fred Willich
Wilma and Wade Malone
Beverly Maltsberger
Brenda and Greg Mann
Roetta and David Mann
Ellen and Walter Manning
Marla and Michael Manning
Pamela Marr and Marvin Robinson
Jane and Tom Marshall
Marilyn and R Martin
Donna and Gail Martinson
Travis and Jessica Masterson
Jan and Tim Matlack
Lisa and Doug Maxwell
JoAnn Mayer
Terrie McCants
Pat McCoy
Joan McCrillis-Lafferty and Patrick   Lafferty
Donna and Harry McDaniel
Susannah and Michael McGinn
Clarice McGraw
Megan and David McGraw
Abby and Travis McGuire
Mary McKee
Greg McKinstry
Marge and Richard McKittrick
Amanda McLeish
Carol McNary
Jane and Richard Meehan
Amy and Marshall Meek
Lucas and Holly Meek
Florence and Ted Metcalf
Lanette Meyer
Leuita and Bob Meyer
Brenda and John Miesner
Betty and Joseph Miller
Nan and Robert Miller
Kale Monk and Allie Teagarden
Justin Moore and Tracy Williams
Russell and Amy Moore
Johnnie Morgan and Timothy Eisaman
Becky and Jim Morgan
Dusty and Wendy Moshier
Joyce and Paul Mosiman
Andrea and Russell Murdock
Lori and Dennis Mussemann
Rebecca Nedrow
Melissa and Nicholas Neff
Pat and Carl Nelson
Carolee and Allan Nesbitt
Elinor and Carl Nestler
Jerri and Raymond Newman
Janet Nichols
Colin Noble and Bridget McCombe
Janna and Bryan Nolt
Helen and Thomas Norris
Lorraine Nugent
Nora Nyland
Greta and Raymond* O'Brien
Julia and Thomas O'Connor
Chihyung Ok and Julie Jung
Corrine Olsen
Lynette Olson
Sarah and Kyle Olson
Patricia and Paul Owoc
Renee and Jon Pachta
Shannon and Joseph Paluskas
Nancy and David Parker
Kelli Park-Fuhrmann and Allen Fuhrmann
Leroy and Angela Parr
Jessica and Adam Parsons
Ardis and Bob Patterson
Janice and Lewis Patterson
Andi and Thomas Pawlowski
Debbie and Don Payne
Kristy Pederson-Archuleta and Cory   Archuleta
John and Karen Pence
Nancy and John Peper
Paula Peters
Polly Peters and Bill Johnson
Ginny and Jeff Petersen
Debbie Petrak
Molly and Dustin Petrik
Julie and Charles Pettijohn
Julie Piel
Carlla Pike
Sue and Rex Pio
Joanne and Richard Pohlman
Virginia and Jimmie Poindexter
Loretta Polzin
Jessie and Carl Poston
William Powell
Bethany and Craig Prain
Carol and Wayne Prather
Annette and Wade Radina
Barbara Randolph-Benson and David Benson
Sue Raymond
Tamie and Vic Redding
Patricia and Jerry Reed
Jean Reehling
Deena and Ed Reeve
Kelly and Brad Reinhardt
Sid and Susy Reitz
Judith and John Renard
Irene and Karl Reynolds
Rosemary and Clarence Rich
Cory and Derek Richards
Jan and John Richeson
Matt and Stacy Ricks
Mark and Nedra Rindom
Daniel and Erin Rivas
Dora and Faustino Rivas
Ashley Robbins
Karen and Tom Roberts
John and Ima Robins
Tracy and Brett Robinson
Mary and Douglas Robker
Anna and Mike Robson
Kim and David Rogowski
Barbara and Mark Rohn
Wanda Root
Janet and Craig Roseland
Roudi and Donvan Roy
Joyce and Roger Rush
Kate and Aran Ryan
Marie Saracino
Kevin and Christy Sauer
Elizabeth and Ronald Scalora
Nancy Scheetz-Freymiller and Frederick   Freymiller
Jessica and Devin Schierling
Connie and Joe Schlageck
Julie and Robert Schloetzer
Marilyn and Bruce Schlosser
Beverly and Donald Schmalzried
Luanne and Ivan Schmedemann
Amy and Dennis Schmidt
Patricia Schmidt
Dena and Terry Schmitz
Larie Schoap
Kaycee and Ryan Schoonover
Marjorie and Dean Schowengerdt
Linda and Frank Schulte
Judy Schure
Samantha and John Schwarz
Gia and Patrick Scott
Jan and Jim Scott
Martin Seay
Betty and Clair Seglem
Victoria Seitz
Barbara and Philip Sell
Anne and Virgil Severns
Marc Shaffer
Danielle Sharmacharya
Mary and Pete Sherlock
James Sherow and Bonnie Lynn-Sherow
Anita and Keith Sherwood
Michele and Wesley Shimamura
Tammy Shinn
Marie Shipley
Dorothy and Eugene Short
Roxanne and John Shouse
Jerry Shugart
Sue Sickles
Elinor Simcox
Melinda and Greg Sinn
Kimberly and Sean Skelton
David and Ann Smit
Marilyn and Donald Smith
Toynia and David Smith
Jeannie Sneed
Jane and Virgil Snell
Patty and Mike Snyder
Pamela and Shane Soeken
Becky and John Sommers
Suester and Robert Sowell
Ann and James Sparke
Tracee Sporer
Daleen and Larry Spradlin
Judith Sprague-Swarts and James Swarts
Kurtis Springstead
Phyllis and Herschel Staats
Delaine and Clint Stalker
Ramona and Marcus Steadman
Jacque and Scott Stedman
Kylee Steimel
Kathryn and Cary Steiner
Jan and Don Stephens
Sally Stevens
Donna and Bill Stewart
Shawn and Christi Stewart
Diana and Wayne Stockebrand
Barbara and Arthur Stoecker
Deborah and James Stonehocker
Emily and Karl Stottlemyre
Connie and Eldon Stout
Dorothy Stout
Gayla and Daniel Strafuss
Erin and Tom Strathman
Betty Straub Frogley and Darrel Frogley
Mary and Kenneth Strausbaugh
Ashley and Tyrel Strother
James and Bernadette Stuart
Vicky and John Surash
Cheryl and Jim Svetgoff
Deanna and Loren Sweat
Roberta and John Swinehart
Mary and Terry Swisher
Angela and Ronald Sylvester
Paulette and Donald Tallman
Jane and Bill Teaford
Ruth and Dennis Teichman
Susan Tellefson
Jodi and Larry Thierer
Betsy Thomas
Lori and Rob Thomas
Ann and John Thomasson
Leah and Grant Thome
Joyce Thompson
Pamela and Tom Throne
Jeanne and Harlan Thyfault
Susan and David Tierney
Roxanne and Sean Tomlinson
Tammara Tracy and Mary Byrne
Mary Train
Judith Urich
Dave and Jan Vanderbilt
Sandra Vassar
Amber and Drew Vennum
Judy Wagner
Rebecca and Ronald Wagner
Shelley and Dale Wagner
Vera and John Waldman
Margaret and Scott Walker
Marqueleta Wall
Ronald and Charlene Wall
Robert and Karen Wallace
Pamela and Kent Walline
Kathy and Bob Walsten
Lindsay and Mitchell Walter
Gregory and Janis Ward
Kim Ward
Miriam Ward
Karen and David Ware
Lisa Wassemiller
Carol and Wayne Watkins
Cathy Waugh
Lynn Waugh and Richard Fogg
Mary and John Weigel
Katy and Scott Weir
Judy Weisel
Danial and Jill Wells
Glenda and Marc Wentworth
Kay and Robert Wessel
Janice and Earl Wetta
Carri and Phil Whitaker
Candie and Warren White
Kelly and Mark Whitehair
Paula and David Wicklund
Lee and Lori Wilbur
Kelly and Darren Wilcox
Jamel and Katie Wilcox
Caroline and David Wild
Leigh Wild
Donna Wiley
Sally and Michael Williams
Brenda Williamson-Mills
Jan and Tom Wilson
Angela and Andrew Wiltz
Treva and Don Wiruth
Jan and Don Wissman
Kara Wolfe
Lorice and Martin* Woner
Debra and Kenneth Wood
Josefina Wooding
Joan and Hugh Woods
Stefanie Workman and George Cave
JoAnn Wreath
Angela Wright and Jeff Hoffman
JoAnn Wylie
Linda and Jeff Yarrow
Linda and Michael Yehle
Donna and James Young
Jessica and Brad Younker
Alice Yount
Cindy and Gregg Yowell
Joyce and John Zey
Victoria and Fred Zutavern
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