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President's Club

What is President’s Club?

The KSU Foundation President’s Club was established in 1974 to honor an exceptional group of donors who have earned a place of distinction through their commitment to Kansas State University’s vital need for private support.

It is the singular goal of President’s Club to recognize in a meaningful way those donors whose generosity advances the university’s mission.

How do I become a member of President’s Club?

Membership in President’s Club is based on lifetime household commitments to the Kansas State University. Recognition as a member in President’s Club automatically begins when your total gifts to K-State reach $25,000.

Gifts of cash, marketable securities, gifts-in-kind, documented pledges or documented planned gifts will all be counted toward your membership in President’s Club. All gifts to the university, whether to academics, athletics or the alumni association, are included in your total giving.


If you have any questions about President’s Club, please contact the stewardship department at 800-432-1578.

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