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Real estate holdings are a very specialized sub-class of the foundation’s assets.  Because of their complexity, these holdings require significant management attention, the responsibility for which has been placed with the KSU Charitable Real Estate Foundation (KSUCREF).  The responsibilities of the officers of KSUCREF include:

  1. Manage portfolio of real estate owned by KSUCREF and the foundation, which currently totals in excess of $54 million worth of urban properties located mostly in Manhattan and farm properties located throughout the state of Kansas.
  2. Evaluate and make decisions concerning the acceptance or rejection of potential gifts of real estate under the guidelines and procedures adopted by the KSUCREF and the foundation.
  3. Work with planned giving and development staff on donations funded with real estate, including structuring of gifts and communication with donors regarding the management and/or disposition of the real estate.  Handle the acquisition, management and/or liquidation of the property.
  4. Work with university officials and departments on real estate related projects established as priorities by the university.  Provide assistance to K-State staff in acquiring and liquidating real estate to further the mission of the university.  Act as a liaison between the foundation and the university for campus construction projects that are funded with donated dollars.
  5. Work with the university, the City of Manhattan and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce on mutually beneficial commercial development projects.