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Giving to the College of Education

The following opportunities for philanthropic investment will help create and sustain success in the College of Education: 

Funds that benefit the college
Funds that benefit individual departments and programs

Elementary Education        S05051
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to students properly enrolled in Elementary Education in the College of Education. 

Secondary Education         S05052
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to students properly enrolled in Secondary Education in the College of Education. 

Foundations & Adult Education          S11450
The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to students properly enrolled in Adult Education in the College of Education. 

Counseling & Educational Psychology           S13865
The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Mark and Ali Riegel and to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the School Counseling master's degree program in the College of Education.  


Reasons to give

Find out more about why the College of Education needs your support and what funding areas are a priority now:

Student success

The generosity of our alumni and friends has allowed us to provide record levels of scholarship support for deserving students. However, we are still unable to maintain pace with increasing college costs, particularly those for tuition and books. The ability to pay for college becomes particularly problematic for student teachers since it is difficult to maintain employment during that crucial semester. Scholarship support, both for immediate use and for endowment, is the college’s highest giving priority.

Student development

We acknowledge a quality experience extends far beyond the classroom. Supporting our students as they participate in education organizations, professional meetings, conferences, research, academic presentations and other opportunities ultimately enhances their teaching. One of the college’s supporters has endowed a fund to support these opportunities. Encouraging donors to help build this endowment is a strong priority for the college. 

Faculty development

Top-quality faculty members are essential to the successes of our students and the improvement of our programs. The best and brightest students will be effectively challenged and mentored when we can attract, retain and intellectually stimulate the most knowledgeable and engaging faculty. These individuals must remain current in the profession to compete successfully for grants to bring cutting-edge research, development and technical assistance to schools — bringing these experiences to the classroom as they instruct our students. We invite you to join in supporting the professional development so crucial to faculty staying in the forefront of their fields. The College of Education at K-State is proud of our graduates and the legacy they and the faculty have forged on behalf of professional education. We encourage your continued and increased support of our priorities and express our thanks for caring about the quality and success of our efforts.


You can learn more by exploring the College of Education.

Give to K-State

You can help!

You can become part of the College of Education's exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Debbie MercerDebbie Mercer, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
College of Education
FredericAbel Frederic
Senior Director of Development