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A message from the dean

Amit Chakrabarti, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

All of our understanding is built upon basic knowledge. The College of Arts & Sciences is the academic hub of the university for this very reason. Every K-State student takes courses in this college, where knowledge is firm and far-reaching, often serving as a solid foundation for advanced learning and applicable across a variety of disciplines.

Founded in 1943, the college now encompasses studies in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts. With more than 6,000 students, it has the largest enrollment of any of the nine colleges at K-State.

Comprehensive education

Employers need individuals with a skill set specific to their business, but they prize employees who are also able to think creatively and communicate effectively.

The College of Arts & Sciences develops and nurtures those skills by providing balanced, comprehensive curriculums for each of their programs of study. Society gains an educated, engaged and articulate workforce with the tools necessary to make an impact in our world. Your support will enrich our campus and ensure a higher-quality education for all students.

Effective teaching and research

Arts and sciences professors are committed to the art of teaching. They combine lectures, labs and small-group discussions so that even the most complex theories are within grasp.

Our professors are also internationally recognized researchers and scientists, building such world-class programs as the MacDonald Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Lab. Your support will ensure our faculty can prepare K-State students to help solve society’s problems.

Success in a diverse world

For the common welfare of the university, its students and the nation it serves, we must continue to strengthen the academic heart of K-State — the College of Arts & Sciences. Private support is essential in order for K-State’s College of Arts & Sciences to produce visionary leaders and informed citizens who will contribute to society. One glance at a recent newspaper is an insight into how our graduates are making a difference in the world economically, politically and in a multitude of other ways.

The financial support of alumni, friends, corporations and charitable foundations is crucial to the college's continued success. Loyal alumni can also provide internships for our students or promote visibility of our programs within their industry sector.


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College of Arts
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