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Giving to the Staley School of Leadership Studies

The following opportunities for philanthropic investment will help create and sustain success of the Staley School of Leadership Studies: 

Funds that benefit the Staley School of Leadership Studies

Reasons to give

Find out more about why the Staley School of Leadership Studies needs your support and what funding areas are a priority now:

Volunteer Programming

HandsOn Kansas State offers students many opportunities to develop as a whole person. Volunteerism cultivates a sense of leadership, social responsibility and a desire to further serve the community. The very nature of volunteer service, however, requires sustainable funding to continue serving others and to build capacity. Whether a contribution provides building materials and transportation for our teams of student volunteers, or the operational support required to serve as the university’s and the community’s resource for volunteer management and service learning, your support makes a difference in the K-State community and to the leaders of tomorrow.

Student development

The Staley School of Leadership Studies works to offer students as many ways to expand their knowledge and experience as possible. Often, the most effective way to do this is by traveling to conferences, participating in international programs, or taking part in events like Leadership Challenge — a four-day residential intensive leadership retreat designed to both identify and create one’s leadership potential and to promote unity and collaboration among K-State students. Participation in these kinds of events exposes students to people, ideas and lessons that can have an enormous impact on how they think about leadership, community and civic duty.

Professional development

Just as students are able to grow and learn from development opportunities, faculty and staff in the Staley School of Leadership Studies can benefit from similar experiences. K-State faculty also have much to contribute to the emerging field of leadership studies nationally and internationally. Attendance and presentations at professional conferences and leadership seminars, as well as travel and networking, all serve to renew the dedication of our faculty and staff, enrich our program with fresh ideas and new perspectives, and share K-State’s success with others in order to grow and shape the discipline. Faculty and staff members are resources and mentors to our students.If we hope to convey the importance of lifelong learning to them, we must create opportunities to pursue it as well.


You can learn more by exploring the Staley School of Leadership Studies.

You can help!

You can become part of the Staley School of Leadership Studies' exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Tolar
Mary Tolar, Ed.D. Director,
Staley School of Leadership Studies
Mary Lynn and Warren Staley 

Chris SpoonerChris Spooner
Assoc. Vice President
of Universitywide Development Programs

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