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K-State Proud

What is K-State Proud?
K-State Proud is a student-led, nationally recognized fundraising campaign for K-State. Guided by the leadership of Student Foundation, the campaign encourages students to show their K-State pride through philanthropy. All student campaign donations establish Student Opportunity Awards for fellow K-State students.

Everyone who donates a minimum amount of $20 receives a campaign T-shirt, which also promotes the K-State brand. Cox Communications, GTM Sportswear and the K-State Superstore provide important corporate sponsorship each year.

Since the first year of the campaign, students have established a culture of philanthropy by promoting the idea of “students helping students,” through Student Opportunity Awards, more than 425 of which have now been awarded to students. Over the last eight years, the student-led K-State Proud campaign has raised more than $833,000! Learn more about the awards and meet some of the award recipients.