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Responsibility for oversight of the foundation assets is placed with the KSU Foundation Board of Directors. Because of the specialized nature of the portfolio and decisions relating to it, the board of directors has formed a standing committee, the Asset Management Committee, to advise the board of directors.

asset oversight responsibilties

Investment staff

The investment staff includes Lois Cox, CFA, CFP, vice president for investment/Chief Investment Officer, Rush Harvey, CMT, CAIA, Director of Investments, and Luke Townsend, Investment Analyst. Lois has more than 25 years of investment experience and joined the KSU Foundation in January 2005. Rush joined the KSU Foundation investment team in July of 2013, and has 10 years of investment experience. Luke joined the KSU Foundation investment team in June of 2015 after graduating from Kansas State University. Please feel free to contact these individuals with questions at loisc@found.ksu.edurushh@found.ksu.edu or luket@found.ksu.edu or call toll-free at 1-800-432-1578.

Consulting services

Cambridge Associates LLC provides investment consulting services to the foundation including investment policy and asset allocation reviews, investment manager searches and reviews, as well as specific projects as requested.


BKD, LLP performs an annual audit of the KSU Foundation that includes a review of the investment function.

Custody services

Custody services are provided by UMB Bank in Kansas City.