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KSU Foundation

Mission and overview


To manage, in a fiduciary manner, the portfolio of assets held by the KSU Foundation.

Portfolio of assets


This chart shows the foundation's total assets, which topped $844.1 million in fiscal year 2015.

Endowment pool

The majority of funds invested by the KSU Foundation are permanent endowments. Even though each endowed account is separate and has its own identity, almost all the funds are commingled and invested in a pooled investment fund. The endowment pool is a diversified fund comprised of equities, fixed income and real estate, commodities, various specialized investments and cash designed to ensure that future growth is sufficient to offset normal inflation plus reasonable spending, thereby preserving the purchasing power of the participant for future generations.

Endowment Pool Market Value

Specific accounts

These accounts are small with funds having special investment objectives that cannot, for various reasons, be met by the endowment pool. Often, these accounts are short-term, and as opportunities arise, they are eliminated in order to simplify account management.

Expendable funds pool

This investment pool is essentially the university's "checking account" for non-state funds held by university departments and programs. The return at any time of the entire principal amount is guaranteed by the foundation. The principal is invested in liquid investments and any income earned on the investments is retained by the foundation to cover the expense of administering the accounts.

Trust funds

These are funds held in trust for donors who have established charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts and gift annuities. Investment of these funds is customized to correspond with the needs of each trust and beneficiary. At the termination of the trusts and annuities, the principal amount of the trust is invested in the endowment pool or made available to the university for expenditure, as directed by the trust document.